Action Items

Action Alert!

We are asking God and The People of Missouri to do it again!!

We need to help our Conservative Caucus Champions in the State Senate who have been advocating for the 7:1 Congressional map! We need to encourage the entire Republican caucus in our State Senate to go with the 7:1 Congressional map. Why? Because we need to send every Pro-life Republican to the US House of Representatives we can. In Missouri we CAN send SEVEN Republicans to DC. We don’t have to settle for the weak 6:2 map (which will likely end up as a 5:3 map before the next census and Redistricting) that the Missouri House passed (barely) which the Senate is scheduled to bring up on the floor on Monday, Feb. 7 when the Senate goes into session at noon. We need to shine the light and crank up the heat! Please share with every conservative Missourian you know! THANK YOU!”