This is an excellent resource on masks that was put together by Dr. Jim Meehan.


Also, there are loads of resources on Corey’s site.

LETTER TO THE SCHOOL BOARD from Dr. Dana Granberg-Nill, MD

School is starting soon, and we hope to mobilize and prepare for taking on all forms of health board/ school board overreach if the policies are not in the best interest of our children.  Over the last two years the loss of medical liberties has been profound and has greatly impacted our children and community.  We need to prepare for the possibility of a continued push for mask mandates and vaccination messaging with sound data, strategic planning, sharing of resources and supporting those in upcoming elections that can not only hold the line but pushback against some of the wokeness that is infiltrating our schools, justice system, medical industrial complex, and communities. 
The following is a letter to the NKC school board/Clay County health board/AG Eric Schmitt/Governor Mike Parsons that Dr. Granberg-Nill has published on Substack.  Please know that there are still calls from individuals in our communities for mask mandates in our schools for all students and staff to “protect them.”  Unfortunately, this battle is not over.  Rather, a pause over the summer until the first signs of viral upper respiratory infections occur.  Then, a panic mode will likely ensue and a “something has got to be done” approach, which will likely involve the same failed strategies.  Please be ready to join us in the endeavor to protect our children FROM these failed policies.  We can no longer afford to have a “silent majority”.  We need all-hands-on-deck when this battle wages again so please stay informed and in prayer that we are doing what is best for our children and community. 
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