We Invite you to help us fund our ADVOCACY, SUPPORT & RESEARCH.

Is health freedom important to you? Do today’s health freedom issues concern to you? All of our work through our organization is volunteer work and your generosity is what keeps us going! Our first and foremost goal is to make sure that donations are used to make an immediate and real difference in our community. Thank you for your support!


Informed Health Choice Missouri (IHCM – American Citizens Health Choice) is a 501c3. Contributions to our 501c3 ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE and are used for educational and related purposes. Click on the donation button at the bottom.

Things that your donations are used for;

  • Equipment (printer, projector, screen)
  • Supplies (paper, ink, business cards, office supplies)
  • Revamping our website, web designer
  • Communications (Zoom, Jotform, Constant Contact, Project Broadcast, Email Service, etc.)
  • Classes and Training
  • Seminars and Public Events
  • Gas and Lodging
  • General Operating Expenses

Our EIN is 45-4477022.

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*NOTE – (IHC – Health Choice 4 Action) is our 501c4 (a separate organization) and donations to our 501c4 are NOT tax deductible and are used for lobbying purposes.