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Missouri Senator Mike Moon, 29th District

Senate Bill 204, sponsored by Senator Mike Moon (R), will be heard in committee Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00 am.

This critical bill would repeal the Missouri Certificate of Need statute, open up competition, give health care employees and providers more freedom, and provide the public with more choices.

CON stifles competition contributing to the lack of choice and horrible healthcare ordered by CDC, NIAID. The decisions made by these corrupt entities have led to many unnecessary deaths caused by ventilators, Remdesivir, and the refusal of hospitals to deviate from the standard of care dictated by government agencies.

Do you have a story about how Missouri’s Certificate of Need law has negatively affected you?

  • Are you a physician wanting to expand your practice but unable to due to CON laws?
  • Are you a community leader wanting more healthcare choices for your community?
  • Do you work in a hospital or clinic that has been unable to purchase urgently-needed equipment due to the long wait for approval from the Certificate of Need committee?

Contact us at

Senator Mike Moon spent over 25 years in the healthcare industry working for a major hospital in SW Missouri. He understands the need to pass SB 204 to encourage competition and make healthcare equipment available to patients and their providers.

If you are able to to testify IN FAVOR OF this bill please contact us TODAY at Witness testimony is vital to getting this bill passed out of committee and to the Senate floor for debate.

To read Senator Moon’s bill:

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