IHCM Update

IHC Legislative Update

May 10, 2023

Missouri State Capitol

There are only 2 days left in Missouri’s legislative session. By law, the session must end on Friday. Leadership in the House and Senate are scrambling to get bills across the finish line.

Our list of priority bills has not changed, but some of the bills we have been following have been added to other bills as amendments.

HJR 43

One of our priorities was HJR 43. The letter below explains the latest on this bill. HJR 43 was not our first choice for IP reform. It was actually a compromise that has turned into a horrible solution that will tie the hands of those trying to make the ratification process better.

The co-signers of this letter are urging Reps and Senators to KILL HJR 43 on the House and Senate floor.


SB 7, HB 1165, & SB 100

Please call Rep. Jon Patterson, Floor Leader and ask him to bring SB 100 to the floor for a vote. Call him at 573-751-0907 and/or email him at

Please watch the video below for the latest on these bills:

ACTION ALERT – Tue May 9, 2023
Please CALL your Missouri Rep and Senator.
Urge them to OPPOSE any amendments
related to these bills..

SB 7 – Chief Data Officer
HB 1165 – CBDC Control

Ask them to SUPPORT SB 100

Find your legislators here:

SB 41 & HB 249

These bills were added as amendments to other bills. The language for HB 249 (the dentist bill) was stripped out but SB 41 (pharmacy bill) was kept.

Please check back for an action alert on these bills and the underlying bills to which they were added as amendments.

Thank you for all your hard work this year. Please stay tuned this week for frequent updates.

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