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IHC Legislation Update

March 9, 2023

Missouri’s legislative session has been in full swing since the first week of January. Since that time, dozens of bills that threaten health freedom have moved quickly through the legislative process.

Good bills, however, are also making their way through committee and onto the chamber floors. Here, at the beginning of Spring Break, we are happy to report that we have seen some significant wins for our side! Our teams testified in committee for both of these bills below. Though we have been disappointed to see some dangerous bills moving ahead, we are also seeing Representatives and Senators doing the right thing and voting bills out of committee where they can be debated on the House and Senate floors.

Win #1
HCS 336 – Rep. Mitch Boggs – Employer Liability Bill
Voted DO PASS out of the Emerging Issues(H) committee on 3/8, with minimal changes!

This bill is short, but POWERFUL. Of all the anti-mandate bills filed this session, this HCS 336 would pack the most punch in deterring businesses from mandating vaccines.

Contrary to what lobbyists says, the large employers, not the small ones, are responsible for most of the workplace vaccine mandates. Large employers with deep pockets are not deterred by the small fines they might pay through Worker’s Comp if an employee is injured.

Though any employee can sue their employer if they suffer an adverse event as a result of an employee mandate, HCS 336 would make that process easier. This bill simply affirms what is already in common law, which is the principle that if you harm someone, you are liable. If you coerce an employee into getting a vaccine that harms them, you may be liable for damages, including pain and suffering, which can be sizeable.

Because small employers were typically not the ones requiring their workers to be vaccinated, this bill will actually have little effect on those businesses. It could have a huge impact, however, on the bigger employers who account for most of the violations of individual rights.

Consequences are the best way to discourage bad behavior and this little bill does just that.

What can you do?

HCS 336 will go to one of the Senate rules committees next. Please check back for action alerts. We will post them once this bill has been referred!

Win #2
SB 204 – Sen. Mike Moon – Repeal Certificate of Need
3/8 Voted DO PASS out of Health & Welfare (S) committee!

SB 204 would repeal the statute that authorizes the Certificate of Need. The Certificate of Need committee, comprised of individuals appointed by the governor as well as legislators, determines which businesses in Missouri can build healthcare facilities or purchase equipment that totals over $1 million dollars. This governmental intrusion has proven to be ineffective at protecting the public and is overdue for repeal. We are thankful that Senator Moon has sponsored this bill that would not simply reduce the restrictions but repeal them completely.

What can you do?

Contact Senator Caleb Rowden, the President Pro Tem of the Senate. Tell him you want SB 204 to be “called out of committee” for debate and a vote on the Senate floor.

Sen. Caleb Rowden
Ph: 573-751-3931

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