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IHCM Action Alerts

Each week during the legislative session, January through May of every year, Informed Health Choice Missouri posts a downloadable graphic explaining the bills we are actively promoting. As you can see below, this update includes action steps that anyone can do to help IHCM pass the critical bills that protect our health freedom. These easy steps can be done at home, 24/7 with simply an email address and/or a phone.

Check back to for the latest updates. For an interactive .pdf of this week’s alerts, scroll down past the image below and click the download button.

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Legislative Update

May 4, 2022

As the legislative session draws to a close, IHCM is still working hard to pass legislation that would preserve our health freedom in Missouri. Unfortunately, however, we are up against considerable opposition from the health lobbyists and the legislators who listen to corporations and the healthcare establishment over individuals. To follow are the latest on two of the most important bills we have been following this year.

HB 2009 (Pollock)
Legislative Oversight Over School Vaccines Requirements

HB 2009 (Rep. Suzie Pollock) is the most popular bill in the House this year. We have been supporting it since it was filed December 2021.

Over 800 Missourians submitted witness forms in committee in support of this bill. 45 Missouri Representatives have co-sponsored it, which means they added their names to a list of representatives who officially support it.

However, Dean Plocher, the House Majority Floor Leader, who basically holds all the power in the Missouri House of Representatives, won’t let the bill get to the floor. Even when House members had a chance to vote on the language in HB 2009 as an amendment earlier in April, another House member with the support of the floor leader, submitted an amendment that gutted the first amendment, which was actually the text of HB 2009. In effect, he made the language of 2009 null and void except for an exemption form that is nearly the same as what we have now.

Because of the behind-the-scenes dealing of the House Majority Floor Leader, our efforts getting HB 2009 passed have been severely limited. As a result of Plocher’s actions, it’s likely that not enough time is left in this year’s legislative session to get this bill through both houses. Dean Plocher knows that, which is why he has blocked this and other important health freedom bills, while letting other less-important bills through.

We have not given up on HB 2009. Please continue to check back for action alerts on how we can get the provisions in this critical bill into statute to protect parents, children, and medical professionals who want to do what’s best for their patients.

The information we have on adverse events comes from a system created by the federal government to track vaccine reactions, including death.

VAERS is the most commonly known system to the public, but there are almost a dozen others. Unfortunately, according to both a Harvard study and an MGB study, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are actually reported in the VAERS systems.

To learn more about the tactics used to block HB 2009, read here:

And thank you for continuing to support this legislation, even when we are up against the strongest most powerful opposition. We know that, with God’s help, we can do anything. Thank you for ACTING so quickly we we asked for your help. YOU are the reason this bill has moved as far as it has this session. Thank you!! And please continue to check here and on our social media groups for action alerts and the latest updates.

Every message from constituents count and we are so thankful for every person who has taken time to write and call legislators! Thank you!! We couldn’t do this without you!!
— IHCM Legislative Team

HB 1692 (Boggs)
Employer Liability

We are making progress on this important bill!

On Monday, April 25, HB 1692 (Rep. Mitch Boggs) passed the Missouri House of Representatives in a vote of 84-58. It now moves to the Senate where the process begins again. If passed, HB 1692 would simply make employers liable for injuries caused by the vaccines they mandate as a condition of employment.

It simply says that if you require your employee to get a shot, you have liability if they’re injured. It’s only fair.

“If the vaccines are 100% sound, then there’s nothing to worry about. There’ll be no court battles.”

— Rep. Mitch Boggs, sponsor of HB 1692

The information we have on adverse events comes from a system created by the federal government to track vaccine reactions, including death.

VAERS is the most commonly known system to the public, but there are almost a dozen others. Unfortunately, according to both a Harvard study and an MGB study, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are actually reported in the VAERS systems.

HB 1692 would do more than any legislation we have read so far this year to discourage vaccine mandates, without putting unnecessary burdens on businesses.

Time is running out, however! In order to get this bill through the Senate and to the governor’s desk before the Missouri legislative session ends, by law, on May 30th, we need your full support. So, please continue to be vigilant with us and watch for action alerts that will help us get this critical bill across the finish line.

Check back here at or find us on Facebook (search for IHCM) and other social media for up-to-the-minute information on HB 1692 and all the bills we are following. And, once again, thank you for your support for health freedom!

Update on HB 2009
April 16, 2022

Betrayal in Jefferson City

Updated April 16, 2022

Thursday, April 14th, two Missouri state legislators, Rep Dean Plocher and Rep Rudy Veit, allowed the ultra-leftist Healthcare Industrial Complex to drive the agenda of unsuspecting members of the Missouri House of Representatives.

On the floor of the Missouri House, Floor Leader, Rep. Dean Plocher, allowed a bill he had previously blocked for weeks, HB 2009, to be brought to the floor as an amendment to another bill. Immediately afterward, Rep Rudy Veit offered an amendment to it, which literally stripped of all but one of its components. When questioned on the floor, Veit explained that he was offering his amendment as an improvement to the bill and the rights of parents, when his amendment actually took away all but one provision in the language — the form for vaccine exemptions.

This stunt was a slap in the face to HB 2009 bill sponsor, Suzie Pollock, and Missouri parents, who had worked so hard all year to pass this bill that would protect their children from DHSS overreach, as all Missourians have witnessed over the past two years with the Covid lockdowns.

See footage of what happened and an explanation in this video:

These legislators were following the bidding of leftist organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Here are examples of their policies from their own documents:

Those involved in grassroots legislation for decades agree that what happened on April 14th tops the list for pettiness and deceit.

Action Item for HB 2009!
Please do this TODAY!

1) Call and email your rep. You can find them here. Tell him/her to demand that House Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Dean Plocher, give HB 2009 a fair chance at debate. See this video for details.

2) Call and email Dean Plocher. Tell him you expect him to put an end to the pettiness and to stop helping the agenda of the leftist AAP. Tell him to allow HB 2009 floor time on April 19th. (Be civilized!)

Rep. Dean Plocher
Ph: 573-751-1544

By law, the Missouri legislature’s 2022 session must end the 2nd week in May. We have just a few weeks to get this legislation passed in Missouri. Please help us make this bill a reality for our Missouri children and parents!

Video courtesy of


Apr 4, 2022 From

This bill has a long history but it’s never been more important than it is today.

HB 2009, Rep. Suzie Pollock’s bill, would do several great things but these are my personal top two reasons why we need to get this bill moving again:

  • Secure religious AND conscientious vaccine exemptions for our children in school WITHOUT jumping through hoops created by the county health departments
  • No additional vaccines (Covid or otherwise) would be added to the school requirement list WITHOUT legislative approval.


Plocher is in control of which bills come to the House floor for perfection. Regardless of how the bill came through committee, it is Plocher’s decision whether or not the bill will be heard on the floor for debate and perfection.

He has 100% control of the passage of every bill. One person – total control. That’s just one of the HUGE problems our legislative system has and it desperately needs to be changed…but that’s a story for another day.

This bill has passed easily through two committees and yet is being held hostage by Plocher.

Short Answer: Plocher is a sellout to the lobbyists and he likes to buy and sell the votes of his peers. He doesn’t give a rats rear end about the people of Missouri. His interest is his pockets and his power – that’s about it.

Right now, he’s got the American Academy of Pediatrics to please, so he’d rather do that than protect our kids.

So, what are their priorities? Here are a couple of interest to you right now.

  • Removing RELIGIOUS exemptions on all vaccines
  • REQUIRING more vaccines of children of all ages, including a Covid vaccine for young children.
  • Pro abortion. They even support adolescents ability to get an abortion confidentially.
  • Anti gun. They’d like to see bans on some weapons.
  • Transgender agenda, including boys in girls locker rooms and women’s sports

They obviously want to see this bill die and Plocher is their water boy.

Well, they shouldn’t. But that’s exactly what’s happening.


1. Email & call Plocher’s office until all their inboxes are full.

Phone: 573-751-1544

Write a very SHORT, sincere paragraph and tell him what you want. Here’s an example.

Dear Rep Plocher,
I’m writing to request that you bring HB 2009 to the House floor for perfection. I strongly disagree with any additional vaccines being added to our school requirement list AND we need to protect our right to live according to our conscience. This right is given to us in the MO Constitution in Article 1 Sections 2 and 5.

I am the parent and I have the God-given right to CHOOSE what is best for the health of my children and family. Please put our wishes ahead of the AAP.

Jodi Widhalm
Jefferson City, Missouri

Jim Kalberloh: 573-751-4065
Jamie Burger: 573-751-5471
Bill Owen: 573-751-2948
Sean Pouche: 573-751-6593
Randy Railsback: 573-751-0246
John Wiemann: 573-751-2176
Ron Hicks: 573-751-9768
Travis Smith: 573-751-2042
Dave Griffith: 573-751-2412

Here’s an example:

Dear _,

It has come to my attention that you co-sponsored HB 2009 but removed your cosponsorship. I’d like to know why and urge you to reconsider. Please support this bill and PARENT CHOICE in making healthcare decisions for their children.

I want HB 2009 to pass because…..(keep it short & sweet).

I’m looking forward to your response.



If you don’t know who your rep is, you can enter your home address and find out on the House website.

You can find a list of all the representatives HERE. Filter by party to see the Republicans.

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IHCM Update

Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Confessions Of A Scientism Heretic w/ Mike Donio

On this Alfacast Biotech scientist, Mike Donio tells us why he did not comply with the Cootie Mandate and that “the Science” is not to be trusted. Biotech scientist, Mike Donio, has quite a story to tell! With advanced degrees in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from esteemed universities including a concentration in Biotechnology Enterprise from Johns Hopkins he’ll share the inside scoop on the so-called Scientific Method. During Mike’s two decades in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry he witnessed first-hand how trusting the science is exactly what we shouldn’t do, and what the Scientific Method really is. He’s going to show us the unknown mechanism for most approved drugs, and improper models and artifacts of preparation, insider knowledge about the reproducibility crises, cancer, viruses, and fraudulent tests. This experience spans the spectrum of drug discovery ranging from target identification through pre-clinical and IND-enabling studies. His first job as a scientist was in the lab of a top infectious disease doctor doing HIV research. Following that, he went into the pharma industry working several years at Schering-Plough which was subsequently acquired by Merck. Next, he decided to mix things up and worked for a few years at Eurofins, a Contract Research Organization. Finally, he spent the last 6 years at a biotech company in the Immuno-Oncology space, where he was most recently a Senior Scientist, developing antibodies to treat cancer. Despite this extensive experience and accomplishments over the last 20 years, Mike was let go from his most recent role at the biotech company for not complying with the Cootie mandate due to his deeply held religious beliefs. Mike’s aim is to encourage more scientists to speak out and for the people to become their own experts. We couldn’t agree more, and Mike’s courage to speak the truth during these times of universal deceit bespeaks the revolution in Consciousness now underway! Show Links:

Action Items

We need your help! IHCM Action Alerts

March 29, 2022

Several important bills for health freedom are moving through the legislative process as we speak. We have less than 2 months of Missouri’s legislative session to get these bills passed in both houses.

This week is CRITICAL for all of these bills!

Please review the graphic below, then the articles that follow for details on what you can do to help. If you can come to the capitol in person Wed March 30th, please contact IHCM and let us know!

Action Item #1
HB 2009
School Vaccines

HB 2009 would rein in the Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and return legislative oversight for school vaccine requirements to our Missouri Representatives and Senators.

HB 2009, sponsored by Rep. Suzie Pollock, has been voted out of the rules committee and will now be placed on the Formal Bills for Perfection Calendar where it will compete for valuable floor time with dozens of other bills.

Bills must be taken from the Formal Calendar in the order they were placed there. However, the House leadership can decide to “roll the calendar” and place any number of bills on the Informal Calendar, where they can be chosen for floor debate and passage in any order the Floor Leader (Rep. Dean Plocher) chooses.

Our job at this stage is to convince those in House leadership that HB 2009 should take priority. That’s why we want as many co-sponsors for HB 2009 as we can get — we need to demonstrate that this is a popular bill with both the public and legislators.

As of this writing HB 2009 has 45 co-sponsors, but we want more. We need at least 9 more in order to have more than half of the Republicans in the House supporting this legislation.

ACTION ITEM:  Call or email the Republican reps on this list TODAY and ask them to co-sponsor HB 2009.

(If their email and phone numbers are not displayed, click the Show Email and Show Phone buttons.)

Some details to remember about this bill:

HB 2009 would protect parents’ right to determine what and when their children will get vaccines. It does so by addressing three issues:

  •  Rein in overreach by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).
  •  Restore parents’ authority to object to mandated childhood vaccine for religious AND conscientious reasons.
  •  Protect medical professionals’ right to serve their patients in the patient’s best interest.

For an Executive Summary of the bill, go here:

Also, if you get an opportunity to speak with your rep or if you email them, share the latest facts about the Covid jab for children, like…

– The Florida Surgeon General just recommended NOT vaccinating children and young adults due to heart issues.
– Leana Wen, public health professor at George Washington University and CNN medical analyst described cloth masks as, “little more than facial decorations.”
– The Swedish health agency recently decided NOT to recommend the Covid jab to children ages 5 to 11 citing that the benefits do not outweigh the risk of infection.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with legislators and help us get this important bill across the finish line!

Action Item #2
Certificate of Need
HB 1616

Missouri HB 1616 has been voted out of committee and is ready to go to the House floor. However, we need YOUR help getting it there!

HB 1616 repeals Missouri’s Certificate of Need law, a critical step toward restoring healthy competition among healthcare providers in our state.

PLEASE do this TODAY if you haven’t already. Contact your rep and ask them to support HB 1616! FIND YOUR REP here.

For more information on the legislation IHCM is following, visit our Legislative page here:

IHCM Update

Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Mike Donio, our member and senior scientist was interviewed recently by Daniel Roytas on the Humanley podcast.  They discussed the failings of the scientific method, scientism and scientific dogma, cancer research, drug research, HIV research and much much more.  Hope you enjoy.  

It can be viewed on the Humanley website and Rumble or listened to on your favorite podcast app.  Links are below.  While your at it check out some of Daniel’s other podcast epidodes too!

IHCM Update

Letters Needed!

SUBJECT: DHSS Rule Change – Covid Data Collection
Updated: 2/10/22

As we learned in the Robinson et. al. vs. DHSS decision, then again recently during the Donald Kauerauf confirmation hearing, The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) is notorious for
overstepping their bounds through unconstitutional rules and regulations.

The latest example is a proposed change (referred to as an “amendment” to an existing rule or regulation) to the DHSS section of the Code of State Regulations, 19 CSR 20-20.020, which directs healthcare workers
and school administrators to send both positive AND NEGATIVE Covid-19 test results to the state.

This is simply an attempt to gather private data on every single Missourian.

What can you do?

Write a letter to DHSS explaining that you oppose the proposed amendment to 19 CSR 20-20.020, which was published in the Feb 1, 2022 Missouri Register.

Send to:
Adam Crumbliss, Director
Dept. of Health and Senior Services, Division of Community and Public Health
PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102

You can also explain that DHSS has abused their authority in the past with regard to data collection. Whatever you decide to say, just be sure to explain that you OPPOSE this proposed amendment.

DEADLINE to MAIL: Feb 27, 2022 DHSS must receive your letter by MARCH 2nd.

IHCM Update

We Need Your Testimony!

Why is HB 2009 is so important?

Experts are saying that the Covid-19 shots are not working on the Omicron variant, but the federal government is still bribing Missouri schools to push the shots on kids 5 to 11 years old.

$1,900,000,000 ($1.9 Billion) worth of bribes!

To see how much the feds are bribing your local schools, download this document, assembled from pages on the Missouri Department of Secondary Education’s (DESE) website:

Just to give you an idea: Columbia: $23,556,677; Fulton: $3,738,871; Sullivan: $3,447,882; Strafford RVI: $2,068,529; Lee’s Summit R-VII: $10,065,188

Included in that PDF is a joint letter from the federal Department of Health and Human Services and federal Department of Education. It says they want your school to set up a vaccine clinic and bribe the children with things like “a new tablet,” “reasonable cash awards,” “college scholarship money,” and “new school supplies.”

This is an unprecedented effort to push a vaccine, and it’s only a matter of time before the Covid vaccine will be added to the list of mandated vaccines for school attendance.

Right now, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services can unilaterally add vaccines to the mandated list by merely promulgating a rule. If they claim it’s an emergency rule, they can do it in just days.

HB 2009 would change that by creating legislative oversight of all childhood vaccine requirements. Unaccountable DHSS bureaucrats will no longer be able to make an end run around the legislature. That means with HB 2009 average citizens will have an opportunity to influence the process.

For an Executive Summary of the bill, go here:

Please join us at the hearing at noon, Wed 2/9. If you can’t be there, please fill out an online witness form HERE in support of HB2009.

Please help us stand strong for children!

Action Items

Action Alert!

We are asking God and The People of Missouri to do it again!!

We need to help our Conservative Caucus Champions in the State Senate who have been advocating for the 7:1 Congressional map! We need to encourage the entire Republican caucus in our State Senate to go with the 7:1 Congressional map. Why? Because we need to send every Pro-life Republican to the US House of Representatives we can. In Missouri we CAN send SEVEN Republicans to DC. We don’t have to settle for the weak 6:2 map (which will likely end up as a 5:3 map before the next census and Redistricting) that the Missouri House passed (barely) which the Senate is scheduled to bring up on the floor on Monday, Feb. 7 when the Senate goes into session at noon. We need to shine the light and crank up the heat! Please share with every conservative Missourian you know! THANK YOU!”

IHCM Update

Facing Employer Mandates?

We welcome you to join us in our mission to organize and band together like-minded individuals to stop discrimination due to their very personal, and private healthcare decisions. Provided is some brief description on how you can obtain more information about the IHCM employee group meetings, updates, and rallies.

  • You can use the links below to sign up. Your personal information will be kept confidential, and it will only be used to contact you regarding IHCM meetings or specific action alerts.

We look forward to protecting medical freedom beside you!

Do you work at a hospital? Use this link to join our IHCM Healthcare Worker group.

If you are employed anywhere other than a hospital please fill out this form.

IHCM Update

Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Mike Donio, our member and senior scientist was able to be on a podcast this morning with Dr. Cowan’s son Asher. This is a GREAT interview, an inside look!

Scientist with 20 Years Experience Explains why we shouldn’t “Trust the Science”.