State of Missouri Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri photo taken by K.Trimble

Our Commitment

IHCM is committed to working with the Missouri State Legislature to create laws that:

1 – – Empower individual Missouri citizens to make their own free choice regarding health matters without coercion.
2 – – Protect practitioners’ rights to practice.
3 – – Protect parental rights and rights to self-determination with regard to all aspects of personal and family health.
4 – – Protect religious freedom.

IHCM is also committed to working with all public and private entities in local communities to:

1 – – Promote reliable information on current and proposed laws of the State of Missouri and how these impact personal freedom and free choice.

2 – – Enable greater access to reliable health services and health information about vaccines, masks, immunity, parental rights, children’s health, pharmaceuticals and medicines, medical and religious exemptions and scientific findings among other important related issues.

ICHM Action Items In The News

Governor Parsons signs into law HB271

Governor Mike Parson signed HB 271 into law, which establishes greater accountability for local leaders when imposing public health orders and prohibits local COVID-19 vaccine passports. The first link below is the Press Release from the Governor and the second is a link to a pdf of the bill itself.



Pending Missouri State Legislation

House Bill 838 would prohibit any public employer from requiring any public employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The Bill would also prohibit a political subdivision from adopting any ordinance, rule or regulation requiring a public employer to implement a policy mandating COVID – 19 vaccination for public employees. The Bill was referred to the Committee on Rules – Legislative Oversight on April 7, 2021

House Bill 566 would prohibit governmental entities from requiring any person to receive an immunization against a contagious illness and prohibit employers from requiring their employees to receive immunizations. The Bill would further prohibit employers from terminating. disciplining, demoting or otherwise discriminating against employees with respect to compensation or the terms, condition or privileges of employment based on their refusal to receive an immunization. The Bill was read for the second time on January 7, 2021.

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