Informed Health Choice Missouri 

Who We Are

The Informed Health Choice Missouri is a group of Missourians asserting their right to medical freedom, specifically in relation to vaccination.  

We exist for the purpose of preserving the rights of Missourians to vaccinate themselves and their children as they choose.

As such, our main tasks around the issue of vaccinations include:

  • Tracking Missouri state legislation around this issue
  • Tracking Federal legislation
  • Tracking and following other states legislation
  • Creating legislation to ensure medical freedom
  • Communicating with our State Representatives and Senators
  • Educating and learning about the legislation process
  • Establishing IHCM as a leader in state of Missouri for health freedom and choice
  • Other related tasks that come up due to our mission as stated

Our organization is comprised of Missourian citizens from all walks of life with the same goal, medical freedom.

What Is IHCM All About?

Informed Health Choice Missouri – IHCM is a grassroots nonprofit organization that EDUCATES and EMPOWERS individuals to make informed health decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

We are Missourians from all walks of life who are parents, families, educators, legislators, and medical professionals who want to preserve the God-given freedoms we have to make our own informed choices about our personal health matters.

We believe in healthy immunity, personal freedom and individual choice. Most importantly we believe that people have the right to make their choices without coercion.