IHCM Update

Missouri’s Legislative Session Starts Wed Jan. 4th!

Informed Health Choice Missouri plans to be there with our team, educating our legislators about the importance of medical freedom, informed consent, and parents’ rights.

IHCM believes that individuals, not the federal government or public health agencies, have the soul authority to make medical decisions for themselves and their families.

The Right to Refuse

Nothing in medicine should be forced, even if it’s a good thing! — Dr. Anthony Phan, MD

Many in our state, including our elected representatives and senators, are not aware that the Missouri Constitution as well as Missouri law protect the rights of Missourians to refuse vaccinations.

For nearly a decade, Missourians have looked to IHCM to find the resources they need make informed decisions about vaccinations, especially parents looking for information about the vaccines required for school. This was the focus of our efforts in the beginning as parents began to question the safety of the shots added every year to the childhood schedule. Part of that education process for IHCM was not only teaching parents about the benefits and risks of childhood vaccines, but also about how to fill out and submit religious and medical exemptions to protect their children from school mandates.

Adult Vaccinations

Though our focus in the beginning was primarily on children, in recent years we have seen the need to expand our reach to individuals of all ages who have been pressured into receiving vaccines as a condition of employment and participation in everyday life. In 2021, all adults, including those who have had vaccine injuries as well as chronic illnesses, were told that this new, untested, mRNA-based Covid-19 shot was the new, universal moral imperative.

It soon became clear that no one would be safe from the coercion to fall in line with CDC’s guidelines.

Also in 2021, thousands of healthcare workers reached out to us, asking for help submitting exemptions for Covid-19 vaccinations they were suddenly required to get as a condition of employment. These hardworking individuals, once referred to as heroes by their employers, were fired out-of-hand for refusing to comply with experimental vaccines which have yet to be proven safe and effective. Since that time, we have helped thousands of healthcare worker secure exemptions so they could continue working and helped others find alternative work through our groups and networks.

Why Missouri Law Matters

Since the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic, Missouri has received millions of dollars in federal grants to push Covid-19 vaccine on Missouri citizens. Meanwhile the manufacturers of those vaccines, some of whom have facilities in our state, enjoy immunity from death or injury claims associated with those shots.

It is more important than ever that Missourians stand up to this medical tyranny. We must work together to educate our state Representatives and Senators about their duty to defend our right to refuse any medical intervention that may endanger our health.

Missouri matters because Missouri law and regulation dictates health policy — both during an emergency, but also when no emergency exists. Without individuals watching and participating in the legislative and regulatory process, Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) as well as legislators and bureaucrats could easily add Covid-19 and other vaccines to the list of those required for school and take away the remaining two forms of exemptions available to families.

Though Missouri has not required the Covid-19 vaccination for public or private school attendance, we are just one bill or one proposed rule away from seeing it added to the list. With mRNA technology set to quietly replace most if not all of the traditional vaccines currently on our list of required shots, we have to be vigilant and find a way to protect our children from these changes in definitions.

Join Our Team!

Informed Health Choice, our legislative team, gathers parents, healthcare workers, individuals from all parts of the state to Missouri’s capitol during our state’s legislative session (January through May). Our goals is to speak with our legislators about pending legislation that affects health freedom. We also attend committee hearings, participate in rallies, fill out witness forms, and do everything we can to ensure that our government is always respecting our right to refuse anything that could endanger ourselves and our families.

We have had much success, but we still have a long way to go. Our teams will be going to Jefferson City every Wednesday during the upcoming five-month legislative session. Our first day will be Wednesday, January 4th.

No experience is needed to be part of our team. We will help you understand the bills we are working on. If you would like to join us either in person at the capitol Wednesdays or another day, or by doing other tasks from home, please contact us at We welcome you to our team!

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